information, knowledge, wisdom…

Did you know that most communication is broken into this pattern? Old people are full of wisdom, unfortunately if you are young you cannot digest wisdom easily. It must first be broken down into knowledge or even just plain information/data. The person who taught me this concept is my spiritual mentor Dr. Christopher Becton.

This is a very important communications concept because most of us are always communication to each other, and if we do not understand our audience we cannot make the impact we desire to make. If a person is young and has green ears, be careful with how much wisdom you give them to digest. It is hard for many young people to understand that it is dangerous to be out late at night at the urban park. Instead information like “Police officers will give you a ticket of $40 if you are in the park hiking after dark.” This information might be more valuable and comprehensive to the young mind than wisdom.

Information are bits of data, that are compressed into patterns to create knowledge, that after much testing and life becomes wisdom.

This video has information, yet information is not that valuable…

But wisdom; as in everything that you visualize can become truth if you work hard at it, is truly powerful.


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