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There Will Be Blood

January 16, 2008

Business 101. Leadership in business requires flexibility in the assertive personality that leaders posses.

The study of the character by Daniel Day Lewis and P.T. Anderson is a masterpiece for all young business minds out there from Harvard Business School to Santa Monica College. It’s a must see, since what? Wall Street.

People who are driven to success do not like people.

They only deal with people because they have to in order to make money. Do not be confused by characters out there in your real world who seem to like people, and they are also drivers to achieve. Achievers are fighters and they will bite you in the face if it means getting to the achievement in the most efficient way possible. They will bend backwards, accept god, whatever means necessary to get what they want from you. They are accepted socially by their achievement, not by the goodness of feelings they bring to each one of your homes.

Perhaps this weblog is a short study of my mind, but There Will Be Blood is an excellent lesson in business 101. This is not a movie review, this forethought on what it takes to make it big in business, go see the movie. Snakes!

P.S. Don’t pay for a ticket, manage a way to see it for free! Remember in order to have money you need to accumulate it.


Internet DSL without phoneline…

December 30, 2007

Here is the code “AZ”, and ATT will only charge you for the internet access. The number they want you to call is 888.300.1672. This would had been a good deal for me when I used to have ATT, but I cut them out of my life. I support Meraki Free the Net (, but before I wish I could had this type of deal mentioned above. ATT always used to tell me “You must have a phone line.” B.S.

Enjoy from the greatest business man in the world!

best of 2007 list

December 30, 2007

Best of 2007:

1. What was the best song to sing in the shower, club, or in traffic jam?
Umbrella Rihanna, classic new song of 2007 for everyone.
2. Best film of the year?
Grrr….this is a tough one between 300 and No Country for Old Men…and I am really excited about There Will Be Blood. BUT NO SCREENING IN THE BAY TONIGHT FOR BLOOD…I miss LA.
3. Person of the year?
Wil Rowan Pacific Art Collective Founder. PAC TOUR, NYE 2x, and SF best!
4. Tech gadget to play with?
Buddha Machine FM3
5. Best place you discovered?
Cochino Islands and SeraPhi Wellness Center
6. Best sports story?
My struggle with working out at 6am, damn hard yo! Its not for the faint of heart, and this guy named Tom Brady he was pretty big this year.
7. Was it easy to accumulate and stack money in 2007?
Hell no, in June 2007 at Market and Montgomery st I screamed “I am the poorest man in San Francisco…!” To the top of my lungs.
8. Best new friend you found in 2007?
Dr. Christopher Becton
9. Best book you read over the year?
A Framework to Understanding Poverty, and Governance as Leadership.
10. What is the most important thing you learn in 2007?
Behaviors of poor, middle class, and affluent people from Framework to Understanding Poverty.

Best website? Foreign Policy’s Passport
Best Youtube Video


Best tv show
Robot Chicken

Family Values

December 8, 2007

I claim to be the greatest business man in the world, but I discovered this weekend that I am not even the biggest business man in my family. My father is.

I am going to be frank with you. My life is far from being the greatest business man in the world. Which has been my vision for a year now. So far it has not taken me where I want to go. I have to change my direction in my life. I am going to start looking at the bottom line of money, because this is what my family has taught me.

The first task is to stop paying so much for entertainment and dining experiences. This means I will have to start watching films outside of the movie theater, and stop drinking a lot of expensive drinks at bars and clubs. Also, start checking your bank account for miscellaneous expenses that corporations are starting to charge their customers in order to protect the bottom line.

I am not talking about fastening my belt. I am talking about a revolution in the heart. A fury, an eternally burning fire that will not cease to fire up until I am happy with my reality. I believe this is the true power of family. It is not the happy faces, or touches they have throughout your lifetime. It is the fact that they are able to shape you, in the direction that makes sense to you and them, wether it is prosperity, recognition, and sheer kindness to others in the family and the world. Bottom line: To be the greatest business man in the world, I first have to be the greatest business man in my family, for my family.

information, knowledge, wisdom…

November 27, 2007

Did you know that most communication is broken into this pattern? Old people are full of wisdom, unfortunately if you are young you cannot digest wisdom easily. It must first be broken down into knowledge or even just plain information/data. The person who taught me this concept is my spiritual mentor Dr. Christopher Becton.

This is a very important communications concept because most of us are always communication to each other, and if we do not understand our audience we cannot make the impact we desire to make. If a person is young and has green ears, be careful with how much wisdom you give them to digest. It is hard for many young people to understand that it is dangerous to be out late at night at the urban park. Instead information like “Police officers will give you a ticket of $40 if you are in the park hiking after dark.” This information might be more valuable and comprehensive to the young mind than wisdom.

Information are bits of data, that are compressed into patterns to create knowledge, that after much testing and life becomes wisdom.

This video has information, yet information is not that valuable…

But wisdom; as in everything that you visualize can become truth if you work hard at it, is truly powerful.