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Accumulate money…

July 1, 2008

It is the only way you can get wealthy in this world.  It is one hundred percent effective.  If you accumulate your money you will have more and more of it.  You might not have as much money as Buffet, Slim, or Gates…but you will absolutely have more.


I went to Dairy Queen today, and here is an example on how you accumulate more money.  I wanted the $4.95 smoothie looked tasty.  But I came in for a $1.79 single scoop dipped cone, why would I spend more on the smoothie.  I had the cone, and at the end I had the experience I expected.


Yummy, its fun to be frugal.  Teach your kids, that sometimes what we desire is the best experience at the right price, do not overpay.




Solar Power’s New Megaplants a new bubble is here…

April 1, 2008

I call it the clean tech industry to keep it simple. Others might call it Blossoming on the Edge as the Pacific Art Collective green art show that is taking forever to become a reality. This is a great article I found on the Foreign Policy site. I believe the next great bubble will be on clean tech, and yes you can borrow on your house to get in this sectors hot IPO’s…but lets thank Visa for changing the mood on the market.